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Huntley Cross Limited is a Corporate Training & Consulting company. We specialize in Training and Human Capital Development, for both management and technical skills.

Full Training Kits

Our mission is to design and deliver high impact development programs and a wide range of consultancy services that produce outstanding human performance in your organizations.

Guiding Philosophy

We are committed to create a strong and continuous improvement in human capital performance with your organization.


We offer trainings that are tailored to provide solutions to help increase the productivity, performance and profitability.

About Huntley Cross

We Specialize in Training and Human Capital Development

Through years of experience working with different industries, we truly understand the current companies' training needs.

Companies no longer need a theory-based training but a practical training with applicable knowledge. It is with this in mind that we incorporate to improve the current trend in the industrial training sector. Huntley Cross Limited is a catalyst for attaching the missing linkage between the knowledge learned, and the practical work applications, with the ultimate goal of providing long-term solutions to the company.

Our Courses

Led by leading experts in their field, our courses will provide you with enhanced knowledge, practical skills and techniques, and market intelligence in order to improve your performance and leadership potential.

Take a look at our courses to find the exact course you’re looking for.

Virtual Learning: Any of our courses can be run virtually, online. Get in touch for more information.

Why Us

Our Special Sauce

Specialized Team

Our specialized team of consultants will come up with the best human development and training programs, coaching and consultancy for you. In-house trainings, conferences, team building activities, exhibition & sponsorship opportunities.

Training Provider

We offer trainings that are tailored to provide solutions to help increase the productivity, performance and profitability of the manufacturing, transport, banking, trading, hospitality, oil & gas, insurance, banking, property and services related.