Health, Safety and Security

Health, Safety & Security

Organizations with a strong and viable Health, Safety and Security culture typically experience fewer at-risk behaviours, incidents, emergencies and crises; consequently, they also experience lower accident rates, lower staff turnover, lower absenteeism but higher productivity. They are usually companies that are deemed extremely successful by all involved stakeholders excelling in all aspects of business and excellence.

Health, Safety and Security, therefore, demands due corporate diligence ensuring compliance with international regulations, demands strategic planning and of course demands the all-important training for key personnel. With so much at stake, and to ensure that you can make a difference, we have compiled an excellent list of key and relevant training courses delivered by the world’s best speakers, instructors, and coaches suiting all types of organizations.

Course List

  • Chemical Spills, Safety Precautions & Response Action
  • Food Safety Management
  • Industrial Safety
  • Leadership & Decision-Making in Crisis & Emergency Situations
  • Leadership Excellence in Handling Pressure & Stress
  • Major Emergency Response Management
  • Marine Pollution and Management
  • Organizational Resilience
  • Safety Case Development & Application
  • Safety Management Best Practices
  • Security Management, Planning & Asset Protection
  • Strategic Crisis Management
  • Sustainability, Energy and Change
  • Terrorism Preparedness and Drill
  • Water Resources Management